Privacy Policy


We don't collect cookies.

We collect data on which site you came from, how you use the site, and record video of how you use the site, but nothing would be personally identifiable. Even the videos have numbers and passwords blocked out. This data is mostly used to improve the site, and understand how people use it, where they get lost, etc.


Should we allow logins, we'll have your email address and things you save, but nothing personally identifiable otherwise.

Any passwords are hashed and not visible to us.

All personally identifiable information is only accessible on the back end, and not without going through a bunch of security measures.

If you delete your account, the whole account gets deleted and is not recoverable, but content you contribute or save on the system may still be there. We'll try to delete it as well, but sometimes these things are messy.

If you're under 13, laws in some countries say that we're supposed to give your parents access. This is messy, so if you're below 13, we request you just not make an account as much of the website is available without logging in.